Welcome to Rocky Mountain Organic Farms. We specialize in the finest Heritage breeds from around the world. Raised with the best organic grains grown right here in America. While living on natural pastures with crops planted that they can then eat at their leisure. All this together creates a truly one of a kind healthy, happy, stress free animal which has a quality of meat that is unrivaled.

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About Us

We are a small farm located in the Black Forest near Colorado Springs, Colorado. It all started with a want for healthy meat for our family. That caused us to buy our first chickens and pigs which were going to be for eggs and meat, nothing more. With that we started the animals on organic commercial feed. After some time we butchered our first chickens only to find out the meat smelled similar to the bagged feed. This was not what I was expecting. After smelling the feed everyday the last thing I wanted was to eat chicken that smelled like it. That caused me to reassess the feed situation.

How could I make the meat even healthier and get rid of that smell? After a lot of research and speaking with many different farmers, I decided to make my own feed. We now feed our animals a mixture of the finest 100% certified organic grains and legumes we also supplement with organic minerals and kelp meal, never feeding any corn or soy. This ensures they get all the proper nutrition and trace minerals they need. Not only do they get the healthiest diet around they also have live plants and veggies in the pastures to graze on when they need it.

Our commitment to the healthiest possible feed as well as exercise, sunlight, and clean water that our animals get at pasture ensures their meat is second to none. Our results after addressing the feed gave our chickens meat a good wholesome chicken smell, eliminating the bagged feed smell.

The next step was to start gathering the finest bloodlines from around the world. We thought with the finest feed regime and the finest bloodlines and heritage breeds we will create some really special animals. You can see in Our Animals section all the breeds we have so far. As we are constantly growing and on the lookout for new exciting breeds to add to our farm.

Our animals are of the highest quality possible for the finest restaurants around. If you are interested in top quality as well as the tastiest meats, you need not look any further. Or if you are like us and just want clean healthy meat for yourself and growing children we can provide that as well.

Contact us anytime and we will do our best to provide you with what you need.

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